Monday, July 10, 2017

The dance between the masculine and the feminine

When I arrived to Australia in June 2016, my left eye hurt like hell. I vaguely remembered then that I had poked it during the flight, but it wasn't until I got into my friend's house in Newcastle that I noticed how badly I could see. I could have easily agreed to a stronger lense prescription.
Taking in account Louise Hay's teachings and Tantra practices - the left side of the body indicates the divine feminine and all feminine attributes. 
One year ago I cried my eyes out when I figured that my ex didn't want to see me again. He wasn't straight with me, not telling me that he was dating someone else, but I could feel that he wasn't available anymore. I was heartbroken again, and I felt abandoned.
My poor eyesight was a reminder to turn inwards and start healing myself as a woman who was worth more than she ever gave herself a credit for. The right - masculine - eye was strong and watchful... and it needed to be acknowledged in order to lift my feminine side to her highest potential.
My journey of 'healing the divine masculine' (men are not all bad) and harmonizing both polarities within me had begun right there and then.

When I arrived to the small town in NSW last week, 10 months since my last visit and 2 years since the very first visit during which I fell in love with Him, I woke up with what felt like conjunctivitis in my right eye.
Upon checking with the chemist, it was just an irritation. But what an irritation! My eye felt sore the whole day, very sensitive to light, red, and involuntarily tearing up. As if I was crying without any emotions and just from that one eye.
The right side is 'masculine'. 
Was my right eye telling me that there was something I didn't wish to 'see'? Was I blind towards the situation at hand? Was I scared to acknowledge that I was able to take a better care of myself than Him could ever do? 
My divine masculine is very protective and analytical. Perhaps it was testing me to see more with my soft, feminine side rather than the suspicious masculine...
Was the masculine broken upon seeing Him again? We had such a friendly encounter that the message from my body must have been - "See only with love. Be soft."

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